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 Denise Williams received her first pet, a horse, at age five and her love and compassion for all animals started at that moment and continues to this day.  From raising horses and cattle from their infancy, to breeding, training and showing Labrador Retrievers successfully, she has developed an affinity for many different animals.  

Denise pursued her interests through classes in high school and participation in her local 4-H Club and FFA.  She attained a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology from Eastern Kentucky University and, after various other careers, decided to pursue a career with animals.  

Denise is currently the 4-H Dog Club Leader in Scott County and has been a volunteer leader since 2012.  

Denise has participated in many dog sports with several of her dogs including scootering with Thunder and Goose and traveling to Georgia in December 2006 to participate in Dogs Across America, an annual relay event.  She has titled Clarity, her malinois, in obedience, rally, has obtained her Canine Good Citizen title and is also titled in Trick Dog Advanced. Several of her other dogs are also titled in various areas.

Somewhere along the way, Denise has become involved in trying to thwart Breed Specific Legislation as well as other pet ordinances that could potentially punish responsible pet owners.  While Denise is for the humane treatment of all animals, she is against ordinances that punish all owners in an attempt to curtail the activities of the irresponsible owners.

Denise is certified as a professional dog trainer and pet safety technician.  She is also exploring areas of animal behavior and pet massage.

Tony Williams has also been involved with animals for most of his life.  He learned at a very young age how to train beagles for rabbit hunting.  He was introduced to the wonderful Labrador Retriever by Denise when they married and soon attained one of his own, Annie.  He is currently involved in training Labrador Retrievers for Bristish Style Retriever Trials.  He is a successful trainer for obedience, tracking and article search, weight pulling, precision agility, as well as retriever work. 

Tony recently attained certification as a Pet Safety Tech and Professional Dog Trainer.  Tony was also an active member of his FFA Chapter as well as attaining Eagle Scout within the Boy Scouts of America.  

Tanner Williams is currently a member of the United States Air Force but still assists his parents whenever he has leave.  He assists his parents by helping with socialization of canines while attending daycare.  He helps in all areas of training and is becoming quite the trainer in his own right.  He occasionally gets to travel with his parents and assists his mother with a program she developed promoting Careers in Canines and Dog Bite Prevention.  Tanner is the proud owner of a malinois named Dexie and a Xoloitzcuintli named Hector.  Tanner titled Dexie in Rally and showed Hector in both breed and as his junior's dog for several years. 

Skyelar Williams also assists her parents in helping with socialization of puppies and assists in the whelping and raising of the Labrador litters bred by her parents.  She has been pictured in Skyelar has traveled to Georgia with her Mom and rode rode with her Mom on a scooter pulled by Goose and Thunder for Dogs Across America (  She
 stayed on for the entire event in 12 degree weather without complaint.  Skyelar has also participated as an exhibitor at a National FFA Convention as a canine handler.  She also assists her Mom with the Canine Classroom curriculum.
Skyelar's favorite pet is her French Bulldog, Giggles started showing her in the AKC Juniors ring when Skyelar turned 9.   Skyelar moved on to show several other breeds successfully and has qualified as a junior for Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show twice,  The first year she showed Looker, her Aussie, in juniors and Tripp, one of her Berger Picards, in the breed ring.  The second year, Tripp was shown as her junior's dog and in the breed ring.  Skyelar has worked for several top handlers and has developed skills in set-up management and grooming.  Skyelar currently helps with grooming appointments here at Thunder Vallies as well as training and playing with the dogs.

Denise is
 also a Professional Members of International Association of Canine Professionals (  

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