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Here at Thunder Vallies Animal House, our lives have gone to the dogs and we couldn’t be happier.  After years of sharing our lives with various animals, we decided to open a facility focusing on our love for all animals and opened Thunder Vallies Animal House.  Thunder Vallies Animal House is a multi-purpose Canine Facility.  We offer Doggie Day Care, Training, Grooming, Prenatal/Postnatal Care, Post Surgical Care, Invalid/Elderly Care, Behavior Modification, Puppy Care, Puppy Kindergarten, and Boarding.

Doggie Day Care

Doggie Day Care is offered in order to provide owners an outlet for their dog’s energy while they are away during the day.  This way, owners and their dogs are able to spend quality time together and enjoy each other’s company rather than the chaos dogs can provide when they have been forced into inactivity and loneliness all day.  Additionally, behavior issues caused from boredom are alleviated as is any clean-up caused by the dog having to stay inside all day.  Finally, we provide socialization with other dogs which can eliminate the aggression dogs are prone to when they are not exposed to other dogs or people.

Invalid/Elderly and Post Surgical Care

We realize how difficult taking time from work in order to keep vet appointments can be whether it is for an annual check-up or a major surgery.  We offer our service to provide your dog with a ride to his/her vet for the appointment as well as a ride back to our facility after the visit.  We also provide that extra care needed after surgery by administering prescriptions, adhering to the vet’s written instructions or recommendations, monitoring their progress following surgery and keeping them comfortable during the day so the owner doesn’t have to take additional time from work.  We are also able to provide the extra care needed for invalid and elderly dogs who may need medication, monitoring, or just to go out a little more often than he/she did when healthy or younger.   


Prenatal/Postnatal Care

As breeders, we recognize that there certain breeds and/or circumstances requiring 24 hour supervision prior to whelping.  We can provide that supervision when owners are at work, out-of-town or novices in the whelping process.  Additionally, we can assist in the delivery or notify your veterinarian that the time has come and his/her assistance is required.  Finally, we can provide monitoring and/or bottle-feeding for the dam and her litter if additional monitoring is required.

Behavior Modification

When dogs are left alone for extended periods of time, they tend to develop bad habits.  These bad habits are usually easy to break with consistent positive reinforcement for good behavior.  At Thunder Vallies Animal House, we spend a lot of time with each dog staying at our facility and work on issues that their owners express concern about.  These issues can be as simple as house training, or as dangerous as food aggression. 

Puppy Care

We provide puppies the extra attention they crave and the additional care needed to house train effectively.  Additionally, they are provided with age appropriate socialization with both children and other dogs.  They are provided with an outlet for the extra energy that all puppies seem to maintain.  Finally, training is started in a manner that is “play” oriented and designed in a manner that the puppy doesn’t even realize that his actions are conditioned.  This is the result of positive reinforcement for appropriate behavior during playtime.



Canine Boarding

When the dogs are boarded at Thunder Vallies Animal House, we utilize crates as well as larger runs to accomodate large dogs or multiple dogs.  We also have two suites for the owner wanting to pamper their four-legged friend when circumstances force them to leave them in another's care.  The suites we have available are the "Pixie Suite" and "DecoySuite" and are decorated accordingly.  The animals staying at TVAH are treated to outside activities every two to three hours (except the overnight) and lots of love and attention between times.

Cat Boarding

Since most cats require less one-on-one time than dogs, they are boarded at Thunder Vallies Animal House.  They are kept separate from the dogs coming in for doggie daycare, boarding or training.  On the week-ends, the cats are checked on several times each day to make sure they have food, water, attention, as well as checked for signs of stress or loneliness. 


Several options are available for training.  We offer training evaluations to determine the best training method for the dog and for the owner.  These evaluations also determine the drive best utilized for training; treat, praise or play drive.  The anticipated ease or difficulty for training will also be evaluated as well as determining if the dog is ready for an advanced course if he/she has already received basic obedience.  Once the evaluation is complete, the trainer will offer his/her recommendation for training.  The available classes are basic obedience, advanced obedience, conformation, retriever training, and agility.  The training can be done on a one-on-one with the owner, dog and trainer; in a class environment with several other dogs and their owners or boarded training with Tony Williams as the exclusive trainer.  
Denise and Tony have learned various methods of training dogs and utilize their knowledge to determine the best approach for each person and their dog(s).  All of their training methods involve positive reinforcement with treat, praise and utilizing the dog’s natural ability as a motivator.  


We offer several options for your convenience.  We have a drop-off option for someone else to bathe your dog for you while you go to work or play. 
We also offer nail trims and teeth brushing as well as most grooming needs.  
When your schedule is tight, we have the added convenience of allowing you to drop off your pet as early as 6am Monday-Friday and pick up as late as 6pm. 



In addition to the services listed, we carry Nutrisource brand dog foods, a wide variety of training treats as well as some pet supplies.

At Thunder Vallies, your dogs are treated to days filled with play and companionship, both human and animal.  We give each dog individual attention as well as supervised group play.  Our children are also involved with the dogs during playtime after each dog has demonstrated appropriate behavior around other dogs and children.  We require all dogs be current on their vaccinations, recent and regular wormings, as well as treated for fleas and tics at least every three months with K9 Advantix or equivalent.  These requirements are for both Thunder Vallies Animal House as well as your safety.

Puppy Kindergarten

Puppy Kindergarten for socialization exercises with your new besttakes place at 10am on Saturdays when enough participatns sign up and is an incredible opportunity  friend.  Your puppy will learn manners and some basic commands as well as tips for his/her care.

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