Thunder Vallies Animal House

Doggie Daycare

One Dog is $16.00 per day or $70.00 for 5 visits.

Each additional dog is $8.00 per day or $35.00 for 5 visits.

Special Need Canines are $18.00 per day.  

Special needs are those animals requiring special care such as administering medication or behavior modification.


One dog is $24.00 per overnight for a stay less than one week.

Stays more than a week are $21.00 per overnight.

Multi-dog rate is $21.00 per dog per overnight.

Cats are $20.00 per overnight.

Extended stays and multi-pet rate is $18.00 per cat per overnight.

Special Need Canines are $28.00 per overnight.

Suite Rates:  25 pound per dog weight limit
$30.00 per overnight for first dog
$27.00 per overnight for each additional dog up to 3 dogs

Long term boarding is also available.  Pricing determined by length of stay and space.

If we supply the food, there is an additional $1.50 per overnight. 

Animals with fleas will be treated with Capstar until fleas have been eliminated.  Each treatment is $5.00.


Small & Medium Dog - Bath, Nails, Teeth, & Ears is $25.00

Large Dog - Bath, Nails, Teeth & Ears is $30.00.

Small & Medium Dog Trim is an additional $10.00 to $20.00 depending on coat condition.

Large Dog Trim is an additional $15.00 to $20.00 depending on coat condition and evidence of fleas.

Furminator is an additional $15.00 for small/medium dogs and $20.00 for large dogs.  This is due to the labor intense process.

We charge $8.00 to $12.00 for nails depending on the level of difficulty and if we use the clippers or Drimmel.

Any animal with fleas will be given Capstar at a charge of $5.00.

Training - Canine Manners, Obedience, Precision Agility, Retriever and Much More

Group classes are $150.00.  Classes are started when enough interest is generated.

Training Evaluations are $30.00 at TVAH, $35.00 at home in Scott County, and $40.00 for surrounding counties.

Individual Training sessions are $30.00 for a single dog session at TVAH and are one-on-one with a trainer and are based on your personal goals and progress.  All training must begin with an evaluation to determine what method is best for your dog and to gather information from you about your goals for your dog and other necessary information.  Evaluations are $30.00 to be paid at the time of the evaluation but, if a six week training package is purchased up-front, the evaluation is free.

Additional charges for at-home sessions in Scott and surrounding counties and for additional dogs. 

Boarded training is available for $28.00 per overnight. The length of time is based on dogs trainability and the level owner wishes to attain. (Basic obedience 4-5 weeks, intermediate obedience 4 more weeks, etc.)

Behavior modification is $35.00 per overnight with 4-6 weeks the norm for success.  This is in a Board and Train Setting.

Doggie Daycare Training - $400.00 for 4 weeks and $100.00 for each additional week.

All boarded training and doggie daycare training requires 50% up-front (based on a 4 week program) with the balance due upon completion of training.

All dogs doing board and train will live with our family for the allotted time frame and will be given the same privileges as our own dogs based on behavior and basic manners.  Basic house manners will be taught as well as your basic obedience commands.

Doggie daycare training involves the dog coming to doggie daycare M-F for 4 weeks or more with drop-off in the morning (we will set-up a drop-off time) and pick-up between 4 and 6pm.  During this time, the dog will learn basic house manners, obedience commands and time for socialization to other dogs.  There will be at least two separate, one-on-one training sessions with the trainer each day.  There will be crate time and several play/socialization sessions each day as well.

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